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Criswell Furniture

Staying connected to nature helps bring fresh inspiration to the Builders at Criswell Furniture. Nestled in the country, the team oversees each piece from freshly hewn log to finished product, with a special emphasis upon exquisite bedroom sets. The company then “gives back” to the environment by responsibly heating their facility and homes with the unused wood waste. Crafted by three generations over 25 years, Criswell Furniture is now in homes from Texas to Canada, from Maine to California, and delights retailers across the country by being so excellent that it almost sells itself.

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Spring 2024

Contact Information

Jonas Mast

8139 Criswell Rd
Fredericksburg, OH 44627

[ P ] 330-695-2082

[ F ] 330-695-2083

[email protected]


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Bedroom, Living Room


Criswell Furniture
Criswell Furniture
Criswell Furniture

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