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Tailoring expert services and delivering superior products since 1979, Accessa is centered on customers’ needs to improve their products and their bottom lines. Through Accessa, all of our customers, large and small, have access to products that perform to the highest standards, and an industry-leading brain trust of knowledge, experience, creativity and know-how.

Accessa Coatings Solutions

From contractor startups to large-scale industrial customers, Accessa Coatings Solutions strives to be an incomparable coatings solutions source for every client. In addition to providing top-performing coatings, our team assists with OEM coatings systems optimization, environmental compliance issues, formula engineering and product development.

The Accessa Difference

Starting in 1979, our company has grown to a leadership position by accruing technical know-how; encouraging the creative process and problem solving; and investing in operational leverage. Consider these Accessa differences and always expect more:

  • >Experience
  • >A reputation built on customer service
  • >Customer training and problem solving
  • >Trained customer field reps
  • >Competitive pricing
  • >Efficiencies in fulfillment, inventory control and minimum orders
  • >Minimum lead time and back orders
  • >Continuous new product and application development
  • >Multiple vendor partners in various product categories
  • >Our promise of quality and care

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Tara Holcomb

1034 E New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3730

[ P ] 800-593-0126

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