Showcase House

2024 Ohio Furniture Market


Design Revolution: Redefining Boundaries

Welcome to the Showcase House, where innovation meets inspiration. Each year, we strive to create more connections and push ourselves to stay ahead with our designs and colors. We’re always thinking about ways to help your showroom stand out and stay fresh. The purpose of our Showcase House is to inspire Ohio builders to continually create innovative designs and showcase new colors from the Sherwin Williams companies. In this unique setting, you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate how vastly different designs from different builders can be paired beautifully.

2024 Showcase House

Through the selection process, our panel of judges curated pieces aligning with the 2024 theme categories. In addition to highlighting the beauty of wooden hardware and grain patterns, builders also adhered to the following attributes with there Showcase House furniture contributions:

Fawn Colors

Fawn Colors

Curved Edges

Curved Edges



Elevated Classics

Elevated Classics

Showroom Inspiration

As you tour this space, meticulously styled by S. Flynn Design, take notes on elements you can apply to your showroom to infuse inspiration with fresh designs and colors in your specific marketplace. We hope you will feel the allure and comfort of this home curated for you. Every individual involved, from the designers, builders, and finishers to the supporters, has collaborated over the past year to bring this vision to life. If you encounter them during your visit, share your thoughts – they’d be excited to hear from you.

The Entry Room

We hope you feel at home as you enter our Showcase house. Each piece we’ve placed has a purpose to bring people together and enhance a home. Everything you will see has been masterfully crafted by the top Amish builders in Ohio, from their family to yours.

Featured Entry Room Furniture

The Living Room

For many, the living room has become the central hub of their home. The furniture we selected for this room highlights a sense of “togetherness” and natural warmth. The soft edges and tones make a clean and welcoming atmosphere for all who enter.

Featured Living Room Furniture

The Dining Room

To elevate the classics, we’ve returned to sturdy hardwood builds. These pieces embrace wider frames and beautiful leg ornamentation. This is a dining room that harmonizes differences and focuses on reuniting the old with new – much like a family gathering around the table.

Featured Dining Room Furniture

The Kitchen

Good food can be made in any kitchen, but it helps to have one full of all the bells and whistles. Our goal was to create a space that offered all the possible counter, drawer, and cabinet space for the average home. We hope the lovely atmosphere of this room will remind you of the sweet comforts of mom’s cooking.

Featured Kitchen Furniture

The Office

The beautiful space was made with one goal in mind: organized productivity for the modern home. For this, we wanted to focus on clean rectangles and little ornamentation. The simple designs allow space for the mind and body to breathe, thus, opening an opportunity for creativity.

Featured Office Furniture

The Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom should be a fun and creative space that makes anyone feel at home. This layout mixed the great designs of the past with the modern simplicities of today. We believe we’ve achieved a bedroom that would make your guests want to come back for another stay.

Featured Guest Bedroom Furniture

The Kids' Room

Kids grow up too quickly, their room should be able to grow with them. This room’s highlight is its transitional crib. The design is centered on comfort and safety, and can easily convert into a toddler bed when the time comes.

Featured Kids' Room Furniture

The Master Bedroom

Is there anything greater than having an elegant and cozy space of your own? This Master Bedroom was carefully pieced together to feature a rich, but simplistic environment that makes you relax the minute you walk through the door.

Featured Master Bedroom Furniture


Step outside, stretch your legs, and sink into a chair. Poly furniture has been making leaps and bounds over the past decade. Each piece we’ve showcased in this section has been manufactured for optimal comfort, low-maintenance, and longevity against the elements. Take it easy and relax.

Featured Outdoor Furniture

Showcase House Partners

We greatly appreciate the partnership with Acroma Pro, Autumn Mill, and M.L. Campbell. Their financial contribution, and their push towards updated color trends has made this Showcase House possible.

AcromaPro®, Autumn Mill™, and M.L. Campbell® are registered trademarks of the Sherwin-Williams Company.

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