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Fisher’s Furniture

The Barnwood Story Scattered across America in various levels of disrepair, stand sentinels of our agricultural and industrial past. Beneath the decrepit facades of these decaying barns and wooden buildings, left to waste away, lies treasure hidden beneath the ugly surface. Solid Oak Lumber! Chosen because of it’s superior strength, workability and long lasting qualities; this lumber is still very sound, although some of it is over 100 years old. While very solid, years of exposure to wear, insects, and the elements have left it’s mark behind. Worm tunnels, nail holes, and discolorations give a uniqueness of character impossible to replicate. Each piece has a character unique to it’s own, all the while delivered in a design that’s solidly built, ensuring pleasure from it’s presence and use in your home for years to come!

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Spring 2024

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John Fisher

5547 Meadeville Rd
Gap, PA 17527-9762

[ P ] 717-355-9890

[ F ] 717-354-2277



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Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Cabinetry



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