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(Formerly known as J&L Woodworking) Elite Woodworking, LLC was started by Ivan Miller with a vision to preserve the art of quality handmade furniture. He combined the former J&L products and his own 28+ years experience of working for Country View Woodworking and officially started the company in September of 2022. Ivan wanted to continue the legacy of his exceptional service and quality products that is desirable in the furniture industry today.

Specializing in bedroom furniture, Elite Woodworking has goals to continue offering both classic pieces and collections of J&L Woodworking. They hope to grow and perfect a unique catalog full of diverse styles as the years progress. When you partner with Ivan and his crew, you can be guaranteed that you’ll be offered comfortable and valuable creations that will make any bedroom cozy and luxurious.

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Spring 2024

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Ivan Miller

6765 TR 423
Dundee, OH 44624

[ P ] 330-893-2277

[ F ] 330-893-2007

[email protected]


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