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After dedicating nearly eight years to the kitchen and bath renovation industry, where I consistently grappled with the pricing dilemma surrounding custom cabinets and the challenges of offering affordable, yet quality, low-end cabinets, my journey with Trusty Wood began. Balancing this professional endeavor with the joys and responsibilities of a growing family has been my motivating force.


At Trusty Wood, we have two primary objectives. First and foremost, we aim to deliver high-quality cabinets at reasonable prices, catering to both contractors and homeowners alike. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that our cabinets are not only affordable but built to stand the test of time.


Secondly, Trusty Wood allows me the flexibility to work from the comfort of my home, reducing the time spent on the road during remodeling projects. With a family of seven children, every moment spent together is invaluable. We recognize the unpredictability of life and the importance of cherishing these precious moments.

To expand our reach and connect directly with consumers, we are actively exploring partnerships with furniture stores and other outlets. Trusty Wood’s mission is to make exceptional cabinetry accessible to everyone, and we’re excited to bring our products to a broader audience.


In a world where tomorrow is uncertain, Trusty Wood stands as a testament to the pursuit of quality, affordability, and family-first values.

We look forward to serving you and your home with our exceptional cabinets, designed to transform your living spaces into timeless havens of beauty and functionality.

~ Mose

Spring 2024

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