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Ohio Certified Stains

Ohio Certified Stains

OCS started when a group of Holmes County small business owners got together and concluded that there must be a better way to managing stain colors. Having eight different medium stain colors, three varieties of Washington colors, plus many more that needed to be stocked was becoming a problem.

There is a time when talking about something must move on to taking action. Working toward a solution began when these owners got together for one entire day and compared a large collection of stain wipes to the original colors. The goal was to make these stain samples practically identical to the original colors and as such, Ohio Certified Stains was born.

Just like a newborn grows healthy with lots care and attention, OCS was treated with the same mindset. After many meetings, and buying in from a sizeable percentage of the community’s craftsmen, Ohio Certified Stains has become one of the most valuable joint ventures for the woodworking community of Holmes County. Not only did it eliminate the unnecessary amounts of stains for a craftsman, but it also helped the ordering process for retailers by guaranteeing a stain match from different craftsmen. To this day, a trained employee is delegated every month to match every manufacturer’s stain wipes to the master OCS samples. Meeting the satisfaction of the retailers and consumers is the highest priority.

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