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Furniture Trends Forecast

November 14, 2023

Furniture Trends Forecast

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, we are seeing shifts in the ways we approach furnishing our living spaces.

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, we are seeing shifts in the ways we approach furnishing our living spaces. It is important for stores and builders to pay attention to the trends coming in the next year to better service customers. The key trends shaping contemporary interior design are collected looks, the resurgence of curves, the importance of intentional details, and the enduring appeal of natural wood finishes. These trends offer a glimpse into the evolving landscape of interior design, where individuality and craftsmanship reign supreme.

Intentional Details


Before you add hardware or a curved draw front, think about how it fits with the piece. Why is should be added and where it would fit best. Intentional details can make a piece more complicated but it really shows off your craftsmanship.


Collected Look


We see the next generation of consumers seeking pieces for their homes that are collected versus purchasing a matching set for their bedrooms and dining rooms. Not everything matches, its more for a curated look created over time. Wood tables with leather or upholstered chairs and a vintage inspired cabinet versus a full matching set.

Natural Wood


Embrace the beauty of natural wood with a low-sheen finish. Consider allowing the natural beauty of the wood rather than hiding it with a stain. Also, be mindful of the saw cut and grains – less cathedral grain and more rift and quarter-sawn grains. Stains should reflect colors found in nature, with a departure from driftwood and whitewashes.



We see curves everywhere, from architectural to accessories and furniture. Archways in houses, curved upholstered chairs, curved fronts in cabinets, curved edges in tables. Reeded and fluted details. Curves are everywhere in home design.

Understanding these upcoming trends in the furniture industry will help both stores and builders be more informative to their customers. Styles and taste are always evolving and so should the hardwood furniture industry. We look forward to the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead for our Amish craftsmen and their retailers.


Sadie Beachy

Owner | S. Flynn Design + Build

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